Through a design that does not recall to the concept of “alcohol countermeasure supplements” we differentiated our product from other competitors. Cumulative sales exceeded 4 million units, making this product a hit

Project overview

Supaliv is a supplement that contains both ingredients that support alcohol-metabolized enzymes and antioxidants that relieve acetaldehyde, a substance known for causing events such as hangovers. It was developed over a period of seven years by Mr. Inufusa Haruhiko, a medical doctor specializing in antioxidant research. It was launched in 2010 and renewed its package design as part of its branding in 2012.


  • The package design did not properly convey the fact that it was a revolutionary supplement with a high alcohol decomposition effect.
  • The price was higher than other competing products, but it looked rather cheap.
  • The budget to be spent on advertising costs was limited.

Suggestions from GRAPH

  • Attention was paid to the psychology of women who drink anti-alcohol supplements in front of people and feel embarrassed when they are confused for big drinkers.The main targets of the competition were solely male business people, but Supaliv was designed so that women didn’t feel uncomfortable using it, making it quite different from those of the competitors.
  • In order to protect the design, which is intellectual property, we adopted printing and processing methods difficult to imitate.
  • In order to demonstrate the effects, samplings were carried out in places where alcohol overflows.


  • Sales at FamilyMart stores nationwide began in 2013; in expansion sales channels such as Amazon, Yahoo!, Rakuten, and the Chinese e-commerce site boomed.

Staff credits

Issay Kitagawa / Masayoshi Zenigame