GRAPH simply separates “initial costs”, “monthly flat rates”, “performance costs”, and “separate costs” so that customers can easily make a budget. Our idea of pricing is linked to the shape and ideology of creativity and work.

Initial costs

  • Initial creative costs (planning, design, concept planning)
  • Preliminary investigation costs for intellectual property such as trademarks

We will propose the above as the initial costs.
The billing will be processed at the time of proposal or approval of each of the above items.

GRAPH defines intangible assets such as concepts, characters, and logo designs provided to customers as “art assets.” In the first place, efforts to “design the business itself” require not only both design and marketing perspectives, but also a wide range of view. Art assets are created by combining an intuitive and highly original artistic aspect with a more logical aspect based on a wide range of thinking, such as behavioral science, brain science, biology, history, and archeology. Therefore, it is a highly unique company that can be very well differentiated from others.
Through hearings, we find out the customer issues, create concept sheets (planning documents) for problem solving, conduct intellectual property surveys based on brand strategy hypotheses, and at the same time designing projects such as logos and so on.

Monthly flat rates _ Running costs

  • Regular meeting costs (design consulting / coaching)
  • Design subscription costs (excluding subcontract costs, product design’s practical costs)

We will propose the above as a monthly flat rate system for regular meetings held every month, and design practices for products agreed by both parties. The billing process will start from the beginning of the project both parties have previously agreed on.

The most necessary things for branding are “building a system” and “operation (continuation)”. Through consulting and coaching, we will find out the optimal system and operation method as well as avoid unnecessary costs.
Then we will connect every precious budget to the optimal investment.
In order to always provide the necessary design “now” (brand update), the design costs, excluding the necessary subcontracts, will result in a flat rate (subscription). We aim to maximize brands value through continuous professional consulting.

Performance costs _ Royalties

  • Royalties (performance rewards set depending on sales amount)

We consider the provided art assets (concepts, characters, logo designs, etc.) as “literary works”, and charge royalties (performance costs) for sales of products or services as a copyright license.
Invoices will be billed each time after setting up the period of royalty recording, such as once every quarter (every 3 months).

The reason for the royalty contract is that “the initial cost should be kept as low as possible” and “the customer and GRAPH should be more actively involved in branding as each other by sharing profits”. We believe that including our customers, end users, and us, in a professional world that works as a “three-way”, is a necessary mechanism when thinking in the long run. The royalty rate will be set when the end user purchases the product or service, by discussing it from the perspective of: “what percentage of creativity contributed to that product or service?”

Separate costs

  • Manufacturing supervision costs (costs for supervising subcontract companies and quality control)
  • Intellectual property consulting costs (at the time of overseas application, etc.)
  • Marketing research costs (subcontract costs at the time of implementation)
  • Financial consulting costs (subcontract costs at the time of implementation)
  • Subcontract costs (shootings, copywriting, coverages, web organization, printing processes, etc.)
  • Travel costs for meetings / Accommodation costs

Each time we will only proceed after consultation.