Moutani-cho, Kasai-shi, Hyogo prefecture.
The design and manufacturing of GRAPH were born in this green country town.

The roots of GRAPH are “Kitagawa Paper Box Printing”, founded in 1933. We have a long history as a “Hakoya” that handles various genres of printing processed products such as packages.

However, the printing business is a supporting role, and the company name is not written on the printed materials. Occasionally, we saw the printed materials that we worked hard to make were thrown away the day after they were made.

Our such experience turned into a strong desire to “make printed materials that cannot be thrown away”. In order to give new added value to printed materials, we established the design department in 1989, changed the company name to GRAPH, and started again.

Since then, we have created communication designs that resonate with people’s minds based on the concept of “DesignxPrinting=GRAPH” We propose a mechanism that resonate with users by understanding the significance of all project, such as manufacturing, design and branding.